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Felix Hessenberger

Hi, I'm Felix.

I develop custom Web appli­cations as well as end-to-end so­lut­ions for iOS and Android. I imple­ment your ambit­ions in a modern and effi­cient way – no matter if it's an app or a techni­cal full-service concept.

Depending on project size, I work indepen­dently, with my network of selected experts or as a flexible partner for your exist­ing team. Of course I also support you and your ideas as a versa­tile con­sultant.

scale in the front end

I realize your pro­ject's user inter­face(s) using modern Web tech­no­logies, as a native app for iOS and An­droid or as a cost-saving hy­brid app. Re­spon­sive de­sign and pro­ven UI/UX guidelines make for a good im­pression on all de­vices.

scale in the back end

Be­hind every good front end there is at least a good Web server, more often than not also a data­base, messag­ing, connected third-party ser­vices and a lot more. As a spe­cialist for cloud so­lutions I can pro­vide you with a so­lid infra­struct­ure that scales with your idea – with­out being too ex­pensive.

Technologies in use

React, Angular, iOS, Android, React Native, Flutter, Node, JavaScript, TypeScript, Swift, Kotlin, Java, Scala, Dart. Mis­sing any­thing in this list? I'm sure one of my part­ners can be of ser­vice!

Felix Hessenberger, MSc

+43 664 2330955