what we do.

We build user interfaces that go way beyond the surface.

During the whole develop­ment process the user is central for us. They are closely followed by flawless performance. The result: A user interface that helps to solve problems without being in the way.

We take your product idea to cloud 9. Or cloud 90. Or cloud 9,000.

As experts in scalable cloud solu­tions we plan your product from the begin­ning to be flexible in the long run. Due to future-proof develop­ment, tech­nical debt is a thing of the past.

We speak your language. And that of your browsers, devices and server farms.

We offer our con­sulting and developing services indi­vidually or as a flexible extension to your team. Moreover, you can trust our ver­satile network of experts.

scale Team: Felix, Lara, Dominik

We are Felix, Lara, and Dominik. Here it could say some­thing about how many lines of code, minutes of meet­ings, or cups of coffee we have had to date. The truth is, we don’t know exactly. However, one thing we can say for sure is that our intersecting areas of expertise, topped off with a scoop of humor, are a proven recipe for projects of any scale.

Full service scope

Our service scope is not limited to any one area—we go the extra mile by providing in-house services such as UI design, SEO, or app store setup.

International projects

In order to get to know different per­spec­tives, we are constantly broad­ening our horizons. They currently range from Van­couver to Hong Kong.

Scientific approach

From time to time we get into the nitty-gritty of techno­logy. We pass on this know­ledge by teach­ing at uni­versity as well as various work­shops.

who we are.



Inspired by the versat­ility and access­ibility of the Web, Felix is always on the lookout for new chal­lenges. His spe­cial­ities are Web, hybrid and mobile apps as well as busi­ness soft­ware. Owing to his ex­perience in the startup scene he is not afraid to take on projects by himself and knows his way around pretty much every topic in a Web project.



Due to her long-standing role as a Design Sys­tems Engineer, Lara has a keen eye for detail and knows the inter­sections be­tween creative processes and tech­ni­cal imple­mentation. Her mis­sion to make the Web a better place drives her to develop web­sites and apps with supreme user experience and to prove her know­ledge in her teaching and con­sulting work.



For Dominik, software develop­ment is a craft that lives through healthy curio­sity and the right set of tools. He focuses on busi­ness soft­ware and benefits from his know­ledge about server hardware and network archi­tecture. Being a technology enthu­siast, Dominik does not lack creativity when solving prob­lems, for instance by creating his own CLI tools.

how to contact us.

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